Gift List

No vacancy

The best thing that you can do to help us celebrate our wedding is to come along to the ceremony and reception, there is no need for anything else. However, we realise that people may want to mark the occasion with some sort of gift. After 12 years together we have all the toasters that we could ever need, so we don’t have a gift list.

Our goals are more around saving for the future. If you would really like to offer us some token, then help in this area would be more welcome than say crockery. However, we would not want anyone to feel obligated, as we say above your presence on the day is more than enough.

1 thought on “Gift List”

  1. Teresa said:

    I wish I was there. I am going to Denver on Wend with work so I was deeply saddened when I couldnt come. I did however send a check and card. Use it to have a lovely dinner on me knowing I wish both of you a very, very happy life together.
    Love you

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